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San Francisco, CA


A monthly art collective featuring work inspired by a one sentence statement.


November 2015

Bucket of Youth

Sasha Rosse

If Iā€™m honest with myself, what I miss most about childhood is the ability to eat 40 bowls of Grape-Nuts in a row on weekend mornings and then do several hours of gymnastics afterwards without vomiting. The doctor gently tells me that, given my particular dosha, a diet of 5 boxes of cereal for each meal is probably not going to be possible, even with a sparkling new Cadillac of a colon.

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Max Hawkins

The kids were chatting and chatting, chatting and chattering, slapping, hopping, humming, and shrieking behind the low wire fence (plenty high for them) as they waited for the number five van to roll into the school parking lot. Oh, they were shrieking. 

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