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A monthly art collective featuring work inspired by a one sentence statement.

May 2014

S.K.Z. (R.R.S.)

Max Hawkins

I’m sure both you and I would agree that there is a certain amount of risk inherent in any procedure like this, and towards the end of our time together we can review the specific incidents and cases that each party will be liable for. In addition to the risks there are obviously a number of rumors and urban legends and, let’s be honest - haha - stereotypes - that have circulated about TC-NCE that we like to address up front with our clients. We like to think that this information helps to illustrate the reliability and quality of the service that you receive through an accredited business like ours, versus finding an independent provider.

You may have heard about a situation in Vancouver involving a young woman named Seneca K. Z. Ms. Seneca was not affiliated with our company in any way. Early last year she had looked into a transcorporeal-neurocerebral exchange procedure via one of the many common matching sites you can find on the internet these days:,,, et cetera. If I recall, her goal was a limited-time exchange - nine to twelve months or something of that order, as research for a book she was writing on male privilege with regards to cultural appropriation. In her case, she found a potential match, a young man around the same age who was looking to swap into a female body. The articles that were published didn’t reveal his original motivation for undergoing TC-NCE. I can provide more information about inter-gender NCE later on if that is an avenue you would like to explore. It’s become a very trendy procedure, especially over the last few months. Lately, we’ve had a lot of husbands and wives swap five, ten, twenty years into marriage. Apparently it is a new-wave feminism sort of thing.

To continue: Ms. Seneca contacted this young man on the match site, who went by Rossen R.S., though it later turned out that he was using an alias. They agreed to conduct a TC-NCE through an independent provider and began the standard preparations and practice: body examination, sense sharing, mutual meditation, timed synchronized tasks, VR simulation. This is typically a three to six month process, though it can be condensed for extraordinary circumstances. We’ve overseen condensed neural synchronization programs that were as short as a week, although of course the risk is considerably higher and we recommend a full-term program for the vast majority clients.

More than two months into their synchronization, Mr. Rossen was involved in a bike accident at a traffic intersection in downtown Vancouver. When he woke up after surgery, he found himself to be paralyzed from the chest down. Now, in hindsight, had Ms. Seneca and Mr. Rossen participated in a condensed synchronization program perhaps the whole business would have been averted, but of course no one would foresee or plan for an accident of this type. I should note that we do offer multiple levels of incident insurance coverage as part of any services and procedures that we provide.

After the accident, Ms. Seneca visited the young man Rossen in the hospital. This is quite common: synchronization programs can be emotionally intense for both parties - in fact, that is an objective of a safe and effective program. You would agree, after all, that complete cognitive function consists of both rational and the emotional faculties. I’ve had clients joke - usually husbands - say doc when my wife swaps, feel free to turn down the waterworks, ha ha - but we take this very seriously. A review of current research suggests that recipients of faulty NCE procedures where emotional function is impaired or lost have an 80% likelihood of demonstrating sociopathic or homicidal behavior later in life. Any husbands of those recipients probably wished very much to have done business with a company with established safety record such as ours.

Likely due to the considerable emotional synchronization that had already taken place, Ms. Seneca was distraught upon visiting Mr. Rossen. The available literature did not state whether Mr. Rossen had family, immediate or otherwise, that were available or aware of his state. I would assume not, considering his use of an alias. Ms. Seneca may have been the only person that visited him, which could have added a deeper impression of responsibility for Mr. Rossen in her eyes. I would argue that she had no responsibility to him whatsoever, but that is my personal opinion. Nonetheless she and Mr. Rossen resolved to move forward with the procedure. She would instead use the experience as research to write a book on male privilege with quadriplegia, and he would, for the short term, experience life in a non-impaired body while raising the considerable funds necessary for cervical spinal therapy.

It should go without saying that our company would never authorize such a reckless action, even under extraordinary circumstances. Transcorporeal-neurocerebral exchange utilizes a combination of electro-magnetic, chemical, and near-field quantum manipulation to transcode and transfer an individual’s complete mental state - thoughts, memories, and sense of consciousness - from one physical brain mass to another. To maximize the probability of success, we aim to match partners with high biometric symmetry and neurotransmitter levels, and then introduce synchronization programs to gradually and naturally acclimate to the experience of living in another body. Some clients compare swapping to finding themselves in the cockpit of a new fighter jet, mid-flight. Biometric symmetry and synchronization increase the probability that you’re able to discern the yoke from the throttle.

It’s only been in the past decade that inter-gender swaps were approved for non-medical use. Our company applies even stricter standards for biometric matching and length of synchronization in these cases. It’s one thing for a brain to acclimate to a bigger part here, a smaller part there, but something else entirely to find out the entire kitchen’s been remodeled. I don’t even recognize myself when I get a haircut. In my estimation, the negligence of swapping an unprepared state of consciousness into a differently-abled host body is outrageous and criminal. As you might anticipate however, Canada’s regulation around this is lax.

Ms. Seneca is fortunate to have survived the procedure.

The first few days following the transfer were devastating on both individuals. The mind tends to fight, flee, or freeze after an unprepared TC-NCE procedure, and the duration and intensity of the spell is unpredictable. Mr. Rossen, now in Ms. Seneca’s body, reportedly thrashed and clawed the air for several days. Ms. Seneca, now in Mr. Rossen’s body, laid catatonic in bed for a period of two weeks, save for humming the melody to several pop songs from her teenage years without cessation. Some of our clients do use familiar musical cues as an anchor for identity preservation, although formal research on this is still in an early state.

After a period of four weeks, both Ms. Seneca and Mr. Rossen had settled into a stable neuro-cognitive state inside of their new bodies. In fact, Mr. Rossen had completed his post-TC-NCE physical tests only three weeks after the procedure, and had begun a yoga regimen for beginners and expecting mothers that was held in the neighboring rec center. And at the four-week mark, Mr. Rossen received permission from the medical staff to visit Ms. Seneca, who was now bound to a wheelchair on the fourth floor of a Vancouver county hospital.

The first post-swap meeting between NCE partners is typically overwhelming; for both individuals it is always disorienting, often celebratory, and occasionally painful. According to all accounts I’ve read, their visit was each of these in turn. Mr. Rossen kissed Ms. Seneca on the forehead - his own forehead one month prior - and wept. She read him a poem she had composed soon after reaching clarity. They played a game of chess. They visited each other for a total of four hours that afternoon, and quite agreed to continue meeting on a weekly basis for the duration of their exchange, even as business and circumstance shuttled them off and about.

The next day, Mr. Rossen was gone.

What we do know is that he had checked out of the hospital the prior week upon completing his post-procedure exercises, and the following week made residence at a local bed and breakfast. He paid his daily rate in cash and the owner claims that he did not return to his room the evening of his visit with Ms. Seneca. Of course, the discovery that he had vanished was only clear to Ms. Seneca and, more broadly, the hospital staff and law enforcement nearly three weeks after their first and only meeting. I can only imagine the horror that girl must have felt as disappointment of his initial absence slowly dawned to realization that he would not return. I’ve had my share of setbacks in life, but that sort of annihilation is only possible when false hope is first planted.

It was a subsequent police investigation into his disappearance that revealed that Mr. Rossen R.S. appeared in national registries for the first time only two years previous, and for his final time when he checked out of that Vancouver hospital. Before that time, for all we know he was in the body of another man or woman, and perhaps one or many before that. There are stories of serial swappers, hopping from host to host. In theory, a person could live for an indefinite amount of time in this way, assuming that the mind can maintain clarity long past the point that a body ages and relents. There is no academic research available to this end. There is none underway, to the best of my knowledge. And anyway, the subject of serial swappers remains all speculation at the present, as no person or people have come forth and admitted to the practice. Certainly our company is aware of concerns like these, however, and it is one of the reasons we provide best-in-class background checks and psychological profiles for any potential candidates for TC-NCE.

Our foremost priority is to set our clients’ minds at ease throughout the process. We think that the best way to do this is to keep them well-informed. Imagine Ms. Seneca, stuck in that chair for years on end. Since the time her story went public, a number of people have come forward and offered to swap bodies, but she’s turned the offers down. She can’t in good conscience, she says, put another person through a life-threatening and traumatic experience. I think she just wants her original body back. I can’t help but think about the moment after Mr. Rossen’s accident. Had she simply done business with our company, she could have avoided this whole calamity entirely. Why go forth on such a senseless expedition without mooring yourself to an expert guide? Why take on that risk?