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San Francisco, CA


A monthly art collective featuring work inspired by a one sentence statement.


May 2014

One Last Time


The guys were all in a good but guarded mood, with a few exceptions, and that mood lasted most of the night until I discussed the plan for the next few days. I guess it wasn’t that they just suddenly flipped into a bad mood but rather that they weren’t sure how to handle what I was saying. Now that I think of it, if we had had just a few women at the table it certainly would have helped improve the mood. I remember thinking, too, that the girls were probably the only ones who truly understood what was really happening.

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Sasha Rosse

He was a recurring mirage on our outings. A curly-headed man etched into the lines of the city, at once camouflaged and yet patently clear; I couldn’t figure out whether the city had consumed him or whether he, in some serpentine feat, had managed to swallow the city, its graceful cathedrals and exquisitely lethal morning glories that spilled opulently over white walls merely an image glimpsed through his taut, thin skin. But when he looked at me, I materialized out of the ethereal night, my lanky, young limbs moving with some new grace, my body somehow capable of leaving echoes in its wake.

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North Beach Tidelines

Valerie Luu

North Beach is the old San Francisco dream; the one tourists still come to see.

The light shines here as in a dream. You can sit at Caffe Greco and see Algerians, writers, drunken hairdressers, and New York ex-pats mingle and banter and deal with pain and beauty in a way that makes the city feel like the city that was: a melting pot of people who care, dream, and write.

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S.K.Z. (R.R.S.)

Max Hawkins

I’m sure both you and I would agree that there is a certain amount of risk inherent in any procedure like this, and towards the end of our time together we can review the specific incidents and cases that each party will be liable for. In addition to the risks there are obviously a number of rumors and urban legends and, let’s be honest - haha - stereotypes - that have circulated about TC-NCE that we like to address up front with our clients. We like to think that this information helps to illustrate the reliability and quality of the service that you receive through an accredited business like ours, versus finding an independent provider

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