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San Francisco, CA


A monthly art collective featuring work inspired by a one sentence statement.

March 2014



His eyes blinked open, or he blinked his eyes open. Whatever, they opened. He hadn’t expected to blink like that but then again he hadn’t thought much about how it would happen only that he believed it would. He figured at some point along the way he was probably the only one. He could almost laugh about that now.

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Time Capsule

Jake Waddell

I had gotten up early, hoping to get the bulk of the work done before the afternoon sun made things uncomfortable. If I was quick, I could be done and gone before mom even got back home from Aunt Elle’s. Easy enough: just set up the garden for her, leave a note saying I was sorry I missed her, and get back home. She’d hate that of course, but I didn’t want things to get complicated. Maybe that’s what she would have wanted too, though. Something simple, painless. Who knows.

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